The Eco-informatics team acknowledges the additional support for the Centre provided by:

The University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore (UAS) is a major partner of the Centre. UAS provides technical and data inputs.

The Hewlett Packard, Bangalore provided equipment grant for the Centre.

The Indo-US Forum for Science and Technology has provided financial support towards Human Resource and Infrastructure maintenance.

The UN Foundation has provided support to the Centre towards integration of information regarding the World Heritage Biodiversity Sites in the Western Ghats and in the Eastern Himalayas.

ATREE is an IDRISI Resource Centre. Clark Labs has provided support to the Centre in the form of software grant of IDRISI Kilimanjaro and Cartalinx. Learn More >>

The Centre has been awarded a grant by MapInfo Corporation to establish an internship programme.

J.R.S Biodiversity Foundation : The Centre has been awarded a 2 year grant to help increase the conceptual and practical understanding of informatics and emergent properties of information systems related to biodiversity throughout India. .

We would also like to acknowledge the following agencies for ongoing research support that has contributed significantly to the work of the Centre:

Sir Dorabji Tata Trust

Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India

ATREE, Tel: 91-80-23530069, 91-80-23533942